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Cookies Policy


  1. What are the type of cookies we use?
  2. How long do we keep the information collected through cookies?
  3. How are analytic cookies stored?
  4. How can you manage cookies?
  5. Information on the consent of the processing of personal information by Albacross

1.What are the type of cookies we use?

Our cookies have several functions:

Strictly needed cookies (essential)
They allow you to navigate the website, such as the preferred language in which the website will be displayed and the use of your applications, as well as to access secure areas of the website. Without these cookies, the services you have requested cannot be provided

Analytical Cookies
These type of cookies (Google analytics and web beacons (including conversion pixels) are used anonymously to analyze how users use the website and monitor its performance. This allows us to provide a high quality experience by customizing our offer and quickly identifying and correcting any issues that may arise. For example, we use performance cookies to find out which pages are most popular, which linking method among pages is most effective, or to determine why certain pages receive error messages. These cookies are used only for statistical and analytical purposes, without ever collecting personal information.

Functional Cookies
They store user preferences regarding website usage so that there is no need to re-configure the website each time you visit it.

Third Party Cookies
They measure the success of applications and the effectiveness of third-party advertising (notably Albacross). Two persistent cookies are installed:
Name of cookie Q_cookieId; Domain – Customer’s domain; Objective -token  authentication; Expiration Date – 1 year
Name of Cookie- nQ_visitId; Domain – Customer’s domain; Objective – Visitor ID; Expiration Date – 1 year


The Cookies can be:

Permanent Cookies
They are stored, for a variable time, within the internet browser on your devices (pc, mobile and tablet) and are used whenever the user visits the website a new time. They are generally used to direct navigation according to the interests of the user, allowing us to provide a more customized service.

Session Cookies
These are temporary cookies that remain in your browser until you leave the website. The obtained information allows to identify problems and provide a better browsing experience.

2. How long do we keep the information collected by cookies?

INDUMEL Embalagens stores information for 24 hours.

3.How are analytical cookies stored?

Analytical Cookies used by Google Analytics are saved as follows:

_ga is used to differentiate users and it expires after two years _gid is used to differentiate users and it expires after 24 hours _gat is used to accelerate requests and it expires after 10 minutes.

4.How can you manage cookies?

As previously explained, cookies will help you get the most out of our websites. All browsers allow the user to accept, reject or delete cookies, by selecting the appropriate settings within the browser. After authorizing the use of cookies, you may always disable some or all of our cookies.

To provide users a greater option on how their data is collected by Google Analytics, Google has developed Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on Learn more about Google Analytics Browser Opt-out extra.

For more information about cookies and its use, we suggest to check the following links, which are only available in English:

Microsoft Cookies Guide, All About Cookies.

5. Information on the consent of the processing of personal information by Albacross

We process, upon consent, your personal information through Albacross Nordic AB (“Albacross”).

The information collected by cookies installed in your device, which are considered personal data, are processed by Albacross, a company that provides business opportunity identification services with offices in Stockholm and Krakow. Read the following information regarding the company´s contact information.

Albacross’s purpose of processing personal information is to provide information about business opportunities.

The collected and used information by Albacross is intended to identify the IP address from where you visited our site, as well as other technical information that allows Albacross to identify different visitors from the same IP address. Albacross stores the domain that inserts information in order to correlate the IP address with the collaborator of the visiting company.

For detailed information on processed information, see the Albacross Privacy Policy.

You can withdraw your consent for the processing of your information. The request shall be made directly with INDUMEL, or by contacting Albacross:

Albacross Nordic AB

Company ref. No. 556942-7338

Kungsgatan 26

11135 Stockholm


Albacross.com – contact@albacross.com